Husafell Stone Carry

The Husafell Stone Carry is a legendary strongman event inspired by Icelandic tradition, challenging athletes with a unique and demanding test of strength and endurance. Originating from the small village of Husafell in Iceland, this event involves lifting and carrying a massive, specially shaped stone across a prescribed course.

The iconic Husafell Stone typically weighs around 150kg (male) or 82kg (female) and is renowned for its unwieldy shape, resembling a rectangular prism with rounded edges. Competitors face the formidable task of hoisting this massive stone off the ground and carrying it over a set distance, navigating uneven terrain and obstacles along the way.

What sets the Husafell Stone Carry apart is not only the sheer weight of the stone but also the challenge posed by its unique design, requiring athletes to maintain balance and control throughout the carry. The event pays homage to the historic use of such stones in Icelandic farming, where strongmen would carry them to demonstrate their physical prowess.

Participating in the Husafell Stone Carry demands a combination of brute strength, grip endurance, and mental resilience. Athletes who take on this challenge showcase their commitment to the strongman tradition and their ability to conquer one of the most iconic feats in strength sports.