Get Excited! Hunter Valley Highland Games 2024

Get Excited! Hunter Valley Highland Games 2024

May 01, 2024

Welcome to an extraordinary encounter in the Hunter Valley, where Scottish heritage converges with the esteemed winemaking tradition of this prominent Australian region.

Picture yourself surrounded by sweeping vineyards, enlivened by the melodies of bagpipes and the enthusiastic applause of spectators. Annually, the Hunter Valley Highland Games transform this scenic wine-producing locale into a vibrant tableau of tartan and traditional Scottish sports.

As you prepare to immerse yourself in this distinctive cultural festivity, here's what to anticipate. Whether you appreciate intense competitions or seek a distinctive day out, the Hunter Valley Highland Games are an unmissable event. It not only highlights the athletic expertise associated with Scotland’s historic Highland games but also celebrates the local hospitality and viticultural prowess of the Hunter Valley.

So, put on your hat, lace up your comfortable walking shoes, and let’s delve into the Hunter Valley Highland Games. Prepare for a day filled with athletic might, the elegance of dancers, and the pride of Scottish music, all under the Australian sun.

When are the Hunter Valley Highland Games held?

Join us on 24 August 2024 at Saltire Estate. Starting at 9.30am till 4pm.

Tickets: Get them here.


What are the Hunter Valley Highland Games?

The Hunter Valley Highland Games bring the rich Scottish traditions to the fertile core of Australia’s leading wine region. This annual celebration attracts both locals and tourists, eager to witness an impressive array of traditional Scottish sports and cultural exhibitions.

Origin and History

The origins of these games trace back to Scotland's historical Highland games, a centuries-old celebration of Scottish culture and athletic talent. Brought to the Hunter Valley by Scottish settlers, these games create a cultural bridge, connecting Australians and international visitors with Scottish heritage.

Annual Timing and Venue

Set against the lush backdrop of a local vineyard, the games utilise the natural amphitheatre to enhance the grandeur of the events, typically held during the pleasant spring months.

The Atmosphere

From the moment you step through the gates, you are enveloped in a celebratory atmosphere. Bagpipers in full regalia perform traditional Scottish tunes, creating the perfect soundtrack for a day of cultural revelry. The scents of Scottish and local cuisines blend, inviting you to indulge in a gastronomic adventure.

At the Hunter Valley Highland Games, spectators in kilts and tartans cheer on athletes competing in strength, endurance, and skill. This family-friendly event offers a warm welcome to all, making it a perfect outing for everyone involved.

By attending, you not only witness a remarkable display of athleticism and culture but also participate in a living tradition that thrives far from its Scottish roots.


Traditional Scottish Events at the Games

As you delve into the games, be prepared to be amazed by the traditional Scottish events:

Heavy Athletics

Witness awe-inspiring athletic competitions rooted in ancient tradition. Key events include the caber toss, hammer throw, shot put, and weight for height challenges, each demonstrating remarkable strength and precision.

Piping and Drumming

Experience the soul of the games with competitions in piping and drumming, featuring both solo and band performances that evaluate technical skill and musical expression.

Highland Dancing

Admire the agility, strength, and grace of Highland dancers performing traditional dances like the Sword Dance, and the Highland Fling, all of which are integral to Scottish cultural expression.

Saltire Estate Winery’s Role

Saltire Estate Winery is integral to the Hunter Valley Highland Games, blending Scottish heritage with local winemaking excellence. Through various sponsorships and community engagements, they enrich the games’ experience, promoting cultural exchange and hospitality.

Plan Your Visit

For an enjoyable experience, consider the following tips:

  • Arrive Early: Catch the opening ceremonies to witness full Scottish pageantry.
  • Accommodation: Book early, as the games attract many visitors.
  • Transportation: Utilise on-site parking or organise external shuttle services for convenience.

What to Bring and Wear

Prepare for a day outdoors:

  • Appropriate Attire: Dress in layers and wear comfortable footwear. Incorporate tartan accessories to embrace the games’ spirit.
  • Essentials: Bring sun protection, a water bottle, a camera, and some cash for a smooth experience.

What to do next?

As your day at the Hunter Valley Highland Games concludes, you leave enriched and entertained, carrying memories and a deep appreciation for Scottish culture blended with the hospitality of the Hunter Valley. Whether a first-timer or a regular, each visit offers new experiences and a compelling reason to return.

Get your tickets now to Hunter Valley Highland Games 2024

Visit the official Hunter Valley Highland Games website for more details and to get your tickets. Your adventure into the rich cultural landscape of the Hunter Valley is just beginning, and we eagerly anticipate your return.

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