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The National Highlander Championships

A highlander event is a combination of traditional Highland Games events combined with challenges more often seen in strongman competitions. This makes for a very exciting and tough contest where a broad range of skill and strength is tested.
The overall Women’s and Men’s Champions have the best aggregate score from all events. 







Similar to shot put this traditional Highland Games event involves putting a stone from behind a trig for maximum distance.  Each athlete has three attempts to gain the maximum distance.   


Saltire Estate Stone Weight  - 

- Women 4.3kg & Men 8.18kg

- Women 9.5lb & Men 18lb

Each athlete must pick up a heavy stone to the chest and carry the stone for maximum distance without dropping the stone.  The athletes walk around a 15 metre course. Only 1 attempt is allowed. 


Saltire Estate Stone Weight 

- Women 82kg & Men 150kg

- Women 180lb & Men 330lb






The most well known of all Highland Games events. Each athlete has three attempts to pick up, run and toss the caber end on end. The goal is to make the caber fall to a 12 O’Clock position (as in a clock face) from the direction of travel.

The Caber: a large tree cut to length and may be smoothed.


- Women 3.87m and 29kg & Men 5.55m and 59kg

- Women 12'7" and 63lb & Men 18'2" and 130lb

Each athlete has a single attempt to lift five progressively heavier

natural stones from the ground to the top of a barrel. The winner

is the athlete who lifts the most stones in the quickest time.


Saltire Estate Stone Weights -




- Women 55kg, 75kg, 93kg, 97kg, 102kg.

- Men 112kg, 125kg, 127kg, 149kg, 160kg.

- Women 121lb, 165lb, 205lb, 213lb, 224lb.

- Men 246lb, 275lb, 280lb, 328lb, 352lb.



Each athlete has one turn to toss five kegs, one at a time, over a 15’ high wall.  Each athlete must successfully get a keg over before moving onto the next keg.  The winner is the athlete who gets all five kegs to toss over the wall in the quickest time.

If an athlete cannot finish all five time is taken from the last completed keg.


- Women’s Kegs 5  half size kegs of 20.9lb and Men’s Kegs – 5 full size kegs of 30.8lb

- Women’s Kegs -  5  half size kegs of 9.5kg and Men’s Kegs – 5 full size kegs of 14kg 

- Wall height is 15’ or 4.5metres.

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